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Adams County WI Wildlife

Here's a list of Wildlife you can see in Central Wisconsin.

NOTE: Some Videos on this website might have been filmed outside of Adams County.

Adams County Wisconsin Animals



Black Bear


Brown Bat 


Eastern Cottontail Rabbits 

Eastern Prairie Moles 

Flying Squirrels

Gray Squirrel

Ground Hogs 

Pine Marten


Red Fox 

River Otters

Striped Skunks 

Whitetail Deer 


Wisconsin Badgers

WI Gray Ground Squirrel 

WI Red Fox 

Wisconsin White-Tailed Deer 

Wisconsin Wolves   


Adams County Birds of Wisconsin

Bald Eagles 

Blue Jays 

Canadian Geese

Great Blue Herons 

Great Horned Owls 

Mallard Ducks


Ruffed Grouse 

Sandhill Cranes 

Turkey Vultures 

Wild Turkey

Wisconsin Wild Turkeys 

Whooping Cranes

Types of Adams County Fish


Bigmouth Buffalo 

Channel Catfish 


Largemouth Bass 

Muskellunge, Muskie, Musky 

Northern Pike 


Rock Bass 

Smallmouth Bass 

Tiger Musky  

Reptiles & Amphibians Lizards, Snakes, Turtles, Frogs, Toads, Newts and Salamanders


Eastern Hognose Snake

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Adams County Wisconsin Wildlife Animals

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