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Adams County WI Trails & Routes

Adams county is home to a varitey of trail systems including ATVing, Snowmobling, hiking, horseback riding and more.

ATV Routes & Trails in Adams, WI.

Unlike most of the counties in Wisconsin, Adams County is home to one of the largest ATV routing and trail systems in the state. About 1/5 of the county offers ATV routes mostly in the NorthWestern areas from Adams / Wood Cty border and goes about 18 miles south all the way to Dellwood. And from Castle Rock Lake / Lake Petenwell shores which forms adams county's western border about 16 miles east just 2 miles shy of Waushara County border.

There is 4 square miles loaded with trails in Rome Township with ATV routes surrounding it. Acher Ave to the north, Badger Ave to the South, 15th Ave to the West and 13th Ave to the East. For a current detailed ATV map and rules of Adams County, WI. routes and trails please stop in at our website sponsors office Landman Realty located at 206 Main St. (hwy 13) in Friendship. 608-339-8030


Snowmobile Trails & Routes

Like a most Cental and Northern counties in Wisconsin; Adams has plenty of snowmoblie trails for you to enjoy in the snowy months. There are several different types of snowmobile trails in adams wi, basically soponsored by different entities; State Corridor Trails, State Funded Trails, County Sponsored Trails, Club Trails and Road Routes.


Hiking Trails in Adams County Wisconsin

Adams county is home to a couple well know hiking trails including Roche-A-Cri State Park hiking trails and Van Kuren Trail plus several popular paths.

  • Roche-A-Cri State Park hiking trails allows you to explore the 1 square mile park and roche a cri mound.
  • Van Kuren Tails are located on the southern east side of lake petenwell where you'll find an abundents of Bald Eagle throught the year.


Horseback Riding Trails

  • Castle Rock Trails

Rustic Roads in Adams County WI.

You can find 100 Rustic Road's in Wisconsin according to the DOT, (Department of Transportation) and Adams County is home to 2 of them. Rustic Roads are unique to Wisconsin and were designed to feature it's natural beauty and to help tourism. These back roads normally have slower speed limits, catering to the “Sunday Driver.”

  • Rustic Road 50 is located on Cottonville Ave which goes east to west from Richfield Township to Preston Township and once part of old state road 21. This 4.6 mile scenic stretch of dirt and gravel road, slowly winds through the countryside. You will see abundant wildlife and a variety of birds and wild flora. This area is known as the Cottonville Marshlands.  There are not many homes along this stretch of road.  You can see the remnants of severs logging camps and a couple hunting shacks.
  • Rustic Road 14is located on Ember Dr. a few miles east of the village of Easton, between County Road A and County Road B. This scenic road is only 2 miles long and curves around a couple bluffs in a nicely wooded area.

Trails in Adams County Wisconsin

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