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Richfield Township WI

Richfield Township WI is located in Adams County, Central Wisconsin which is primarily a farming area on the eastern side and more wetlands on the western side. Richfield has 3 creeks Bingham Creek, Little Roche-A-Cri Creek and Fordham Creek trout stream but no Lakes. State highway 21 is one of Central Wisconsin main arteries running east and west. Ship Rock located on Hwy 21 is a wayside and is open during the summer months. Preston Rock is a rock formation that falls on the Richfield / Preston Township line.

Richfield Township Wisconsin

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  • Richfield Town Hall Address - 1602 County Road G Coloma, Wisconsin 54930
  • Phone Number - 715-228-3752
  • 53934 / 54930

Richfield Township meeting information, board members contact info plus Garbage & Recycling locations.

Richfield Town Hall Map

Full Moon Photo for Richfield Township, WI.

Full Moon Photo for Richfield Township, WI.

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Cities, Towns and Villages

  • None

Lakes, Rivers, Creeks and Trout Streams

Public Land & Area Features

  • Gift Land owned by WI DNR
  • Ship Rock Wayside & Rock Formation
  • Preston Rock

Developments and Subdivision in Adams County WI

  • Deep Woods
  • Greenwood Acres

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Richfield Township Adams County WI

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