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Grand Marsh Wisconsin

Grand Marsh, WI 53936 is located in the north east corner of New Chester Township right by Easton, Adams and Lincoln Townships of Adams County on County Road E & B between Westfield & Adams-Friendship.  The town is considered unincorporated; most know for Grand Marsh State Bank, Corn N’ Tator Fest and most recently New Chester Dairy.  The town is small with access by county road with a railroad running through it.  There’s a post office, bank, bar / grill, gas station, elementary school and 80 acres of Adams-Friendship School District land with access off of 6th Ave.  The area does have a few lakes and creeks including Patrick Lake, Risk Creek, McGinnis Lake, Neenah Creek trout stream and Campbell Creek to name a few.  Not too far are some areas open to the public for hunting and fishing including; New Chester Waterfowl Production Area, Lawrence Creek State Natural Area and Lawrence Creek State Fish & Wildlife Area.

Grand Marsh WI 53936

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Grand Marsh WI 53936 Quick Facts

  • Adams County
  • New Chester Township
  • General Size – about 130 residents
  • Area Lakes – Patrick Lake, McGinnis Lake, Fenner Lake, Mud Lake, Rollers Lake, Lawrence Lake, Duck Creek, Risk Creek, Campbell Creek and Neenah Creek Trout Stream
  • Area Features - Grand Marsh State Bank, Post Office, Elementary School, Bar / Grill, Gas Station and home to the Annual Corn n’ Tator Fest.
  • Area Terrain – Mostly flat with a mix of Large Farm Fields, Wetlands and Woods.  Recently there’s been quite a bit of logging turning woods into farm fields…
  • Area Code - 608 
  • Zip Code - 53936
  • Access - County Road – E & B
  • School District – Adams-Friendship
  • Classified as Unincorporated
  • History – Unknown

Nearby Wisconsin Public Land

  • New Chester Waterfowl Production Area
  • Lawrence Creek State Fish and Wildlife Area
  • Lawrence Creek State Natural Area
  • Upper Neenah Creek State Fishery Area
  • Quincy Bluff and Wetlands State Natural Area

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