Friday, 29 July 2022
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Ukraine finds 150,000 war crimes
Ukraine's Attorney General Irina Venedictova saidTitleslotxo168there were suspicions of war crimes. About 15,000 cases of Russian invasion of Ukraine have been reported per day, with 200-300 reported cases of such acts per day.

Venedictova said List of suspects involved in the war crimes They include military commanders, politicians, and Russian propaganda agencies.

Of the 15,000 cases identified as war crimes, Venedictova pointed out that Thousands of cases have occurred in the Donbas region, located in eastern Ukraine. It is a land of intense fighting between Ukrainian and Russian soldiers today.

Venedictova said Cases of war crimes in the area also include forcing people to move. Both adults and children go to different parts of Russia, torture and kill civilians. including the destruction of civilian infrastructure as well.

Venedictova said Although an investigation into war crimes in Ukraine's eastern region has already begun But Ukrainian officials were unable to enter the area. That is now under Russian occupation. Instead, they sought information from interviews with migrants and prisoners of war, admitting the investigation was very difficult. As the battle continues at the same time

Ukraine's Attorney General also said that Estonia, Latvia and Slovakia have now joined Ukraine in an effort to investigate the incident. Poland and Lithuania are also here to help.

The International Criminal Court (ICC) said Ukraine was now the scene of the crime. And the ICC has sent the largest investigative team ever into Ukraine to aid the investigation. It also hopes to open an office in Kiev. the next capital of Ukraine
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