Thursday, 21 July 2022
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Nepal tourist visa can be extended. If you need to stay in Nepal for a few more days and the visa deadline is approaching, then you need to go to the Nepal National Immigration Bureau in Kathmandu to apply for a visa extension.

If your visa has been out of date for less than 30 days, you need to pay for $3 fine per day. The delay can make you miss the flight, so you'd better deal with your visa well at Kathmandu's Central Immigration Office before the deadline.

It's wise for tourists to prepare some passport photos in their bags. Because it could save much time when you are doing permits, visa applications, and other official documents.

Travelers can extend the valid period of visa in Kathmandu and Pokhara and they only need to pay $30 for 15 days. Then, the $2 will be added per day after that. Extending 30 days will cost you $50, and the multiple-entry visa needs $20. Compared with the extension of the 60-day visa, you'd better hold the 90-day visa.

To extend your visa, you should complete the requirement of the passport, the fee, one photo, and an application online. The photoshops charge Rs 250 for eight digital passport photos. When you are in line, you can prepare these documents well in advance.

Normally, it takes travelers two hours to extend their visa, but you can pay Rs 300 for visa extensions for the purpose of saving time, and you will do it well within 10 minutes. Travel agencies also can help you deal with those things in several minutes.

The maximum of the extension days is 150 within a year. Before the deadline for the visa, you must buy the air ticket and leave the country. Check the latest Nepal visa for US citizens information.
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