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Davis Corners Wisconsin

Davis Corners, WI is located a little southwest of the main intersection of State Highway 82 & 13 in Jackson Township.  Davis Corners consists of 6th Ave, 5th ln, Freedom Ln, 6th Dr. and 6th Ct which is a farming community.  There is a church, cemetery and an old grainer that serves the area.

Davis Corners WI

Jackson Township

ABOUT: Jackson Township is located in Adams County, Wisconsin mostly known for its fishing lakes and the famous Neenah Creek trout stream and watershed. Jordon Lake offers 213 skiable acres and is 79 feet deep, Wolf Lake 50 acres and 50 ft deep electric motors only, Goose Lake is an 80 acre fishing lake, Peppermill Lake has 100 acres, Hill Lake acres unknown (WI DNR), McDougall Lake 9 acres, Deep Lake is only 35 acres and 47 feet deep, Crooked Lake is 48 acres and 56 feet deep, Parker Lake right on Hwy 82 is 59 skiable acres, there are about a dozen smaller unnamed lakes in Jackson Township as well. There are only 2 creeks in the township Neenah & O’Keefe.  Plus you can find the Upper Neenah Creek State Fishery Area with great trout fishing which is open to the public.

Nearby Cities, Towns and Villages

  • Brooks
  • Oxford
  • Plainville
  • Wisconsin Dells

Area Lakes, Rivers, Creeks and Trout Streams

  • Goose Lake
  • Wolf Lake
  • Deep Lake
  • Hill Lake
  • McDougall Lake
  • Crooked Lake
  • Peppermill Lake
  • Parker Lake
  • Jordan Lake
  • Neenah Creek - Trout Stream
  • O'Keefe Creek

Public Land & Features for the Area

  • Upper Neenah Creek State Fishery Area

  • Parker Lake County Park Wayside

  • Crooked Lake County Park Boat Launch

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Acreage & Land for Sale in Jackson Township

Davis Corners Adams County WI

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