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Central Wisconsin Grassland Conservation Area

The Central Wisconsin Grassland Conservation Area is 160 acres created by four 40 acre parcels located in Leola Township of Adams County, WI.  It's located north of Alpine Ave.,  south of Akron Dr. and east of 5th Ave.   There is a driveway off of Akron Dr. at 469 according to the Adams County GIS website. This area was purchased by the state from a private owner in 2008.  In general it’s a pretty flat area of grasslands with a deeper trench with Fourteen Mile Creek cutting through the Conservation Area flowing from northeast to southwest.  It appears to be an area for training bird dogs with signs posted “Dog Training Area”. 

Leola Township Adams County Public Land

Area Public Land in Wisconsin

  • Leola Marsh Wildlife Area – Owens Rock

  • Big Roche-A-Cri Fishery Area

  • Colburn Wildlife Area

  • Camelot County Park on Lake Camelot

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Central Wisconsin Conservation Area

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